Friday, September 18, 2009

Botanical Jewelry

The honeycomb ring was the first piece from Elizabeth Scott’s collection that caught my attention. Photographed beautifully to bring out the simple and clean lines of the piece. Though it is hard sterling silver I imagine it to be a soft comfortable wear. and I just love the simple, clean natural textures and style presented in the rest of her pieces. I also love that she is a fellow "New Yorker."

“Living in a rural area makes it very easy to pick up a leaf or flower and think, “I have to make something out of this.” It’s always an object I have a personal connection to and one that I hope others will find meaning in. I make design choices that won’t get in the way of everyday wear because I think that the way something looks and how it feels are both equally important. I like the clean look of a single material, sterling silver, and I like to create simple pieces that focus on one design element.”

“Plants & water are my favorite subjects. To represent water, I use various methods of producing texture in metal. Patterns are hammered, enameled, matte finished, heat textured. My botanical pieces are created from the plant itself, either from a mold or an impression of the leaf, or a casting of the whole organic object. I make one original piece, then multiple castings are made by a professional caster in 100% recycled silver or gold.”

For updates on new work, you can visit her blog.

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  1. OBSOLUTELY LOVELY collection. Kate, you have SUCH an eye for graceful!!!

    I have mentioned your blog entry from July 25,2009, and placed a picture of the treasury list you made on my blog. I hope you do not mind.