Friday, September 25, 2009

Feeding the Birds

I am in love with these prints by Hadley Hutton, such soft and delicate washes of color mixed with fine lines and detail. With this grouping I created a little story of a girl feeding the birds, and just like my childhood ~ the little brother tags along! I am thinking that one of her pieces would be a great match for my vintage inspired botanical shower curtain ~ I just can't decide which one! Visit her web site to check out more of her original art and prints.

Hadley’s work is a blend of traditional painting and modern design. She draws inspiration from Asian patterns and motifs, Victorian die cuts, and geometric designs. Her work explores nature’s beauty, people’s influence on their surroundings, and the environment's influence on people.

"The paintings typically are created with a monoprint printed on an etching press using ink and/or watercolor pencils. A monoprint is a print made from a plate that can only be printed once.(unlike other printing processes where you can create multiples with a plate). And finally the print is mounted on wood and painted with wax and oil pastels or varnished with an acrylic medium."

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