Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, hello!

I think it was my trip to Anthropologie a couple of months ago that did it. They had owls on everything! I spotted a really cute one made in to a cookie jar (I think) ~ very friendly looking ~ it seemed to say "well, hello!" to me right there from the shelf. Sadly, I passed on that purchase, and since then I have been spotting them everywhere! Tempted by dish towels, pillow covers, door mats ~ they just make me smile! 

1 :: Anthropologie ~ Cookie Jar
2 :: Courtneyoquist ~ Owl Print - Daytime
3 :: Anthropologie ~ Dish Towel
4 :: LuckyBluebirdArt ~ Retro Damask Owl
5 :: Carambatack ~ Under my wing - Print
6 :: Oladesign ~ Owl Print


  1. Hi Kate!
    Thanks for including my print in your post. I love the different owls you found!

  2. Visiting via Allison Trentelman's beautiful blog! Hi Kate! (*waves*) I LOVE owls.... I have a great fascination with them. I like number 5 the best I think, but number 6 is delightful too! I get very excited when I see a group of beautiful owls anywhere! Thank you!

    Linda. :)

  3. Hello!
    I love Owls too:) Thanks for the link to your blog and please check out my Owls:)