Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have been terrible... So crazed preparing for the holiday house parties and shows that I have been neglecting my weekly blogging. Not sure where the time goes these days ~ I can't believe that November is almost gone and I am now preparing the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu! I have yet to come across a pumpkin brownie recipe, but one must exist since this sounds like a great combination to me... a little pumpkin swirl added into the warm melted chocolate. I will have to do some googling!

1 :: Eleanors ~  Love - Fine Art Flower Photograph
2 :: Patspottery ~ Espresso Sunrise Tableware
3 :: Urbanheirlooms ~ Genteel Leather Wallet
4 ::  Kande ~ Roxanne Earrings - vintage lucite
5 :: TomBjornDesigns ~ Pumpkin brooch
6 :: Knight27 ~ Sepia Weather Vane

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