Thursday, July 30, 2009

First featured artist! Allison Trentelman

It is my hope to present an inspirational artist every friday, this one being the first!
I was excited to learn that like myself, Allison was a student at the Maine Photographic Workshops, and I am truly inspired by her work! 

Allison Trentelman is a nature and landscape photographer based in midcoast Maine. Allison’s photography focuses on the beauty, magic, and mystery of the natural landscape and animals of Maine. The seasons in Maine are severe and ever-changing and it's impossible to go against nature's cycles. Working so closely with the flow of the seasons has changed the pace of her life, and her photos reflect the peace and calm that she has found in the quiet and beautiful state of Maine. Allison is a believer that there’s something magical in this northern state where life is “the way it should be” and she has spent the last 8 years trying to capture that something in photographs.
~ Visit Allison's beautiful shop Rocky Top Studio and online gallery.

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