Friday, August 28, 2009

Hoping the grey skies pass for a sunny weekend!

It is nearing the end of August and summer vacations are coming to an end ~ but the signs of summer are still here! Even though the sky is grey this morning I am hoping for a sunny summer weekend. Patches of wild daisies as well as the maintained garden variety could still be spotted on my walk around the neighborhood last night ~ so I refuse to give up on summer yet. 

1 :: Leaca ~  Remember Me, Fine Art Photograph
2 :: Artistscs28 ~ Butterfly and Gerbera in Lemon Zest
3 :: SimonDesigns ~ Tiny Flower Necklace
4 :: Daphnenen ~ Large Pleated Bag in Yellow and White
5 :: MamaPainter ~  Yellow Daisy Flower Art
6 :: Niminami ~ The Smell of Summer


  1. such beautiful finds from other etsians. thank you letting me be a part of it :D

  2. beautiful set. Thanks for including me.