Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recycled Glass

Inspired by this new eye-catching chandelier display from Pottery Barn and the collection of bottles in my wine rack I thought it would be fun to see what other recycled creations can find new uses. With the increasing selection of recycled glass products in modern beautiful designs, there is no reason to buy ‘virgin’ glass anymore. The slight color hues and uniqueness give each piece a bit more character.

1 :: Pottery Barn ~ Wine Bottle Chandelier
Authentic green-glass wine bottles lend artistic impact to our striking Wine Bottle Chandelier. It has a rasped finish that gives each individual chandelier rich texture and one-of-a-kind detail.
2 :: Laurence Brabant ~ Recycled Glass Bottle spoons
3 :: Bedrock Industries ~ Recycled Glass Tiles
There are slight differences in shape and variations in the surface. These features are part of the beauty and special character. This Seattle company, hand makes all of their tiles from 100% recycled glass. Their work comes in a wide range of colors but since they don’t add any additional pigment to their found glass, Heineken Green and Budweiser Brown is the most common palette.
4 :: CDChilds ~ Wine Bottle Cheese Tray
This wine bottle has been recycled into a fabulous cheese board. The hanger is made of twisted copper wire. This makes the "perfect" serving tray or cheese board to serve your guests.
5 :: YAVA Glass ~ Recycled Boylan's Soda Bottle Glasses
These unique glasses are made from recycled Boylan's soda bottles. Each bottle is individually flame cut and polished to give you a smooth finished rim.
Take a look at this do-it-yourself step by step process to create the cylinder vases in this fiddlehead fern scroll, river rock and floating moss centerpiece.

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  1. I have visited Yava many times! Their glasses are so fun! Beautiful collection!