Thursday, August 6, 2009

Robert Ferrucci

I fell in love with Bob’s paintings at a craftsmanship show in Connecticut a few years ago. My jewelry booth was right across from his, so I spent the weekend admiring all his work. The show was hectic and clean-up went so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to pick up a piece. Luckily we both made it back to the show the following year so I am very happy to say that I have one of his prints hanging in the hallway of my new home!

Robert’s paintings translate the feeling and emotions that surround the subject, time and place. Peace, serenity and simplicity are mixed with strong landscapes, old homes, barns and faded images, combining soft quiet areas with a strong central image in a style called minimalist folk art. Influences from The Hudson Valley and New England area are played out by muted colors, diffused images and a primitive simplicity. Visit Robert’s web site and gallery to see more of his work.

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