Friday, October 30, 2009


Somehow I lost a "friday feature" last week ~ Between having company for the weekend and more unsolvable issues with the internet, it just never happened. I have to admit that it was nice to focus on other things and have an excuse to not answer e-mails or follow facebook updates. 

But I'm back and loving my choice for this week!

I had a really hard time choosing only five photos to feature! The hydrangea was a given of course! I just love hydrangeas, and think that this piece would go very well with the dusty blue and yellow-ochre colors I have in my guest room. The sweet softness that KristyBee has captured and expressed with these images is stunning, the contrast between the colors and delicate detail in the foreground space and the soft, seemingly distant background create such a soothing feel. For more gorgeous images take a peek at her blog.

"I've had a deep love of photography for many years. I love the everyday ordinary beauty in life and I have an incredible love of natural light. I try to show that in my photography. My photos have a dreamy quality to them so some may have slight grain or blur, which lends to the dreamy feeling I try to achieve."

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